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    Expert consultant in road management and maintenance and
    in the preparation of road maintenance plans (pavement studies).
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    International presence
    With offices in Spain, Mexico and Peru
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    Committed to quality
    Certified by AENOR
    in Quality and Administration of R+D+i
    (Research, Development and Technological Innovation)


RAUROS GROUP is a consulting company linked to the development of new technologies in the field of Concessionaires and Public Administrations. In particular, RAUROS GROUP develops its activity in the field of management and maintenance of roads and airport pavements applying international techniques and regulations, developing expert management systems for different types of infrastructures and has achieved great knowledge in the preparation of pavement reports.
It maintains a close collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Madrid and other private entities in the development of R+D+i programmes.

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We belong to Typsa Group

It belongs to TYPSA Group, a group of independent consulting companies in the fields of Civil Engineering. Founded in 1966, TYPSA Group is a leading group in consulting and engineering services of transport, construction, water, energy, the environmentand rural sector. To provide creative, effective and sustainable solutions, TYPSA Group has created a solid international network, trusted advisor of public, private and institutional clients in America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Middle East, for which it develops infrastructure projects from design until placement in service.

Currently, TYPSA Group has a strong multidisciplinary team composed of more than 2,500 highly qualified staff members, of whom 70% are engineers, architects and consultants. The TYPSA Group is organized in geographic areas and activities, which allows providing maximum technical quality services adapted to the conditions of each specific region or country.

Vision, mission and values

Since its foundation, RAUROS has carried out its activity as a consulting company, providing advice to different concessionaires, conservation companies, and public administrations in the field of road and highway management. To this end, the expert system ÍCARO has been developed - and is constantly being developed and improved - to analyze the condition of pavements and assets, and define the actions to be taken by applying models that affect the service life of the infrastructure.

The accumulated experience in the implementation of expert pavement management models allows us to state that we are a worldwide reference in this field of engineering. Based on our know-how, other infrastructure management systems have been successfully developed and implemented, such as airports, bridges, high-voltage lines, etc.


The Rauros Group aims to be a specialized consulting firm of reference and recognized worldwide for Expert Asset Management, managing, maintaining, and providing tools for the management and digitization of assets, infrastructures, roads, and airports for public administrations and concessionaire companies  

As part of the group's vision, questioning the status quo as a path to innovation, changing the approach, thinking differently, and embracing new challenges are all part of the group's daily routine. Attendance at conferences, membership in technical associations, and committees will be supported and promoted.


Since its establishment, the Rauros Group has positioned itself as a technological partner to its clients, with the primary mission of assisting and providing expert technical consulting in various areas of technology that are part of our activity (Civil Engineering: Roads, structures, and materials), and providing them with appropriate management tools. This has always been Rauros' vision and main positioning regarding its activities, which are usually associated with innovative projects involving the development of applications that facilitate asset management.

RAUROS in figures

Since 2002, we have implemented our Expert Management Systems in several countries, for a high number of private clients and public administrations.

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Where we are

Calle Calera 3
28760 Tres Cantos Madrid
T. +(34) 916 59 22 38
F. (34) 91 651 53 31
Calle Lago Alberto 442,Torre B, Piso 6
Colonia Anáhuac
11320 Ciudad de México
T. (52) (55) 55 33 74 30
Rafael 215
Col San Marcos, 2ª Sección
20070 Aguascalientes AGS
T. (52) (449) 916 90 80
Av. 28 de Julio, 1044, 2º piso
T. (51) 955 147 881