Expert airport management system


  • Runways
  • Platform
  • Taxiways


  • Pavements
  • Survey
  • Traffic


  • Pavements
  • Survey
  • Traffic


Geometry information of each selected area can be displayed, including UTM coordinates.​ Besides, DEDALO collects information of each element (beacons, signs, luminaires, etc.) in a​ georeferenced way. Each asset has a data sheet with its characteristics, associated​ documents, inspection information and performed rehabilitation works.


Registration of the existing pavement structural sections (lists and graphs), as well as​ the different rehabilitation works carried out on the pavement, including: execution date, type​ of materials, construction company, among others. This information is georeferenced and can be​ displayed year by year or depending the type of rehabilitation work.


DEDALO allows to plan and record the required conservation and maintenance activities on the​ pavement and the inventoried assets.An economic analysis, considering materials, machinery and​workers, can be developed.


The structural and functional parameters of the pavements, collected by high-​performance devices or visually, are uploaded to the system. These data are displayed​ using graphs, histograms, thematics and tables. Besides, different technical parameters (PCN,​ PCI, etc.) can be represented. In addition, DEDALO calculates automatically the PCI from​ the collected data.


Airport traffic data is displayed or edited, allowing to view the evolution of departures by aircraft and the graphical representation of departures and arrivals, the type of aircraft and the number of landings recorded distinguishing between commercial and/or general aviation. These data will be used by the PMS for pavement evolution calculations, as well as to obtain the ACN-PCN comparison required by ICAO.


This module estimates the future behaviour of the pavements (structural and functional parameters) and​ defines the rehabilitation works that will be necessary in the following years, depending on the required​ quality levels, the expected traffic and the available budget. It allows an economic adjustment and​ redistribution of works depending on the budget constraint.


Module that allows queries and generation of reports on any data contained in the system database. The​ information can be visualised on the cartography or in tables, exportable in multiple formats.


The segmentation can be established and displayed according to the homogeneous behaviour of​ the available information, including: pavement structural section, traffic, condition survey, etc.

DEDALO. A management program for continuing improvement.

Entities or companies that manage infrastructures address goals of profitability, quality and technology, which contribute to sustainable maintenance. An efficient system makes these goals into a true competitive advantage.

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